Guest Lectures

Join us for a series of lively talks and interactive discussions with topics ranging from building an idea in business to how to continuously develop your self. Our Guest Lecturers give an educational and detailed insight into their specific experiences and careers.

Online Lecture - Leading The Team

People are the most valuable resource in every organisation and therefore the role of Leader is vital. In the changed environment of today Leaders need to inspire and motivate their teams remotely as well as face to face in the future, deal with change and handle difficult situations. This Webinar is focused on providing the necessary skills required to be an excellent Team Leader in 2022 and beyond.

Online Talk - StartUp Grind Limerick

Gillian Barry of Technological University of the Shannon interviews Niall McGarry, CEO of Maximum Media. Maximum Media owns media brands,,, and

Online Lecture - Goal Setting how to achieve all your ambitious dreams for real this time

Human nature makes it easy for us to set goals and difficult for us to actually achieve them. Research shows that less than 10% of goals are actually accomplished, despite all the will and motivation in the world. But why? In this evidence-based workshop, you’ll learn the psychological reasons behind why most goals fail. Once you understand these fundamentals, you’ll develop an awareness of how to overcome these obstacles well in advance so you are set-up for success.

Meet Guest Lecturers

Lorraine Lynch

Guest Lecture

Collette Bannon

Guest Lecture

Gillian Barry

Guest Lecture

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