New Frontiers

New Frontiers the National Entrepreneur Development Programme

We support individuals who have an innovative business idea and are considering starting a business. Support is available to flesh out the idea, see if it is worth pursuing, all while gaining an understanding of the startup eco-system in Ireland and the supports that are available.

The New Frontiers Programme can provide you with help and support to accelerate your business development and to equip you with the skills and contacts that you need to successfully start and grow your company.

The Programme is run over three phases (test, develop & implement), during these you will gain the confidence and skills to develop your business idea within a supportive and encouraging environment.

New Frontiers is the national programme designed to develop entrepreneurs, delivered on behalf of Enterprise Ireland by Institutes of Technology and Universities. Technological Institute of the Shannon (TUS), Hartnett Enterprise Acceleration Centre primarily deliver the programme for the Limerick, Clare and Tipperary region in the TUS Hartnett Centre based on the Moylish Campus. The programme’s primary purpose is to accelerate the development of sustainable new businesses that have strong employment and growth potential and contribute to job creation and economic activity in the region.


Training in all areas of business including financial management, market research & validation, business process, patenting, product development, sales training.

Personalised one-to-one mentoring offered by seasoned business mentors from the Enterprise Ireland Mentor network.

Support package valued at €30,000 including €15,000 tax-free stipend in Phase 2, subject to satisfactory performance – no equity is taken in your business

Expert advice and guidance from an experienced programme team, business practitioners, investors and other entrepreneurs within the Institute/University.

Further support available in Phase 3

Access to R&D facilities and specialist expertise from within the Institutes University, including interns and graduates.

Practitioner-led workshops in all areas of building a business.

Peer group learning from participants in the region and across the country

Access to expertise in Enterprise Ireland through the Market Research Centre

Regular milestone review meetings to monitor your progress.

Free co-working space and other business incubation facilities (during Phase 2 and 3).

Support and guidance in the development of a strong business plan.

Who Should Apply? Eligiblity

The New Frontiers Programme is for entrepreneurs who are based in Ireland .

The programme is open to applicants over the age of 18.

With a business idea from a range of sectors including food & consumer products; information & communication technology; engineering & electronics; medical devices; biotechnology; pharma, digital media; cleantech/renewable energy; and eligible internationally traded services.

Ideal Candidates:

An Innovative Idea

Have an innovative business idea that has the potential to create a manufacturing or internationally traded services business OR a new domestically-traded service business in Ireland

Are Ambitious

Are ambitious and have the capability and commitment needed to develop a sustainable business;

Commerical Market Potential

Can show clear evidence of a commercial market for their proposed product/service;

Are Growth Orientated

Are ambitious, growth-orientated and committed to engage fully in all aspects of the programme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does New Frontiers differ from other Accelerator Programmes?

New Frontiers differs from privately-funded accelerator programmes in that it does not take equity in the startups it supports. The main focus of the programme is supporting the entrepreneur (promoter) rather than the startup itself. The goal of the programme is to help the entrepreneur take their early-stage idea from business concept to investable business.

Q. Do I have to complete in Phase 1 in order to apply for Phase 2?

No, you don’t have to complete Phase 1 in order to join Phase 2 of New Frontiers. However, it is recommended that you complete both phases in order to benefit as much as possible from the programme. Participating on Phase 1 will also help you to make a stronger application for Phase 2 and improve your chances of being accepted.

Q. Do I have to complete Phase 2 in order to apply for Phase 3 of the programme?

Yes, only those who have successfully completed Phase 2 are eligible to apply for Phase 3

Q. I have previously received state funding can I participate in this programme?

Applicants are required to disclose any funding either recently received or applied for, at the time of their application to Phase 2 of the New Frontiers programme.

If funding has been applied for or previously received by a co-founder, this information should also be declared on the application form. In the case of co-founders, no additional feasibility support can be applied for by another co-founder relating to the same project at any time.

If an applicant is already in receipt of LEO Feasibility or Priming Grant funding, they may be offered a place on the programme but may not be eligible to receive the stipend.

*Individuals are eligible to apply for, at any given time, ONE of the following supports awarded through public bodies: New Frontiers stipend, HPSU Start feasibility, Foodworks, Competitive Start Fund, LEO Feasibility, Udaras Na Gaeltachta Feasibility.

1. There are three exceptions where the New Frontiers participant can be in receipt of the New Frontiers stipend whilst receiving additional funding, these are: Enterprise Innovation Vouchers

2. Funding received through Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

3. LEO Priming Grant: There can be an overlap in funding between being in receipt of the New Frontiers stipend and the LEO Priming Grant ONLY for the element covering salary costs for additional team members/staff (other than those promoters who are in receipt of the New Frontiers stipend). No other elements of the Priming grant are eligible whilst the participant is still receiving the New Frontiers stipend.

* If you are unsure of how past funding may affect your participation on New Frontiers/eligibility to receive the stipend, please contact the Programme Manager Q. Can my Business Partner / Co-Founder and I both apply for the programme? You can both apply to the programme, but only one individual may be nominated to attend the programme and receive the €15,000 stipend.

Q. How do I contact the team at TUS’s Hartnett Enterprise Acceleration Centre with a query?

Register your Interest below or email the team

Guidance on Eligibility

Business concepts based on the following ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for support:

*Retail outlets and professional services, including consultancies that are not engaged in internationally traded services.

*Areas of enterprise which involve displacement of existing jobs or businesses including builders, hairdressers, cafes, pubs, hotels, general printers, construction, trades etc.

*Conferences and seminars.

*Businesses which are contrary to public policy, i.e. goods/services for military use, adult entertainment services, tobacco and related ventures, cannabis-based products.

*Activities that fall within gambling or “gaming” as defined in the Gaming & Lotteries Act 1956.

*Business projects receiving assistance from other state agencies or EU funded operational programmes – i.e. dual funding.

Please note that if have received previous state funding for your business idea, it may have a bearing on your eligibility to receive the Phase 2 stipend

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Expertise and Guidance from Programme Team and Entrepreneurial Community