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Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (TUS) has a world leading research infrastructure which inspires and enables transformative research, development and innovation.

We empower students by providing an outstanding higher education experience relevant and responsive to our stakeholders’ needs. TUS have five research institutes in the areas of Lifesciences, Engineering, Sustainable Development, Creativity and Design, and Social Sciences.
Institute LIFE and IDEAM are based within the Hartnett EAC building along with Enterprise Ireland funded Technology Gateway, Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre.

Life Health & Biosciences Research Institute

The LIFE Research Institute is focused on an integrated approach to understanding the connection between health and bioscience to improve health and wellness. LIFE focuses on ‘Nutrition for Health’ in understanding how foods, nutrients and diet influence cellular processes and affect overall health. ‘Lifelong Health’ includes the mechanistic basis of healthy ageing, using our research expertise in human, microbial and cellular systems to co-develop with our industry partners novel biomolecular products and approaches to improve lifestyle and health. LIFE, the Health & Biosciences Research Institute, shapes the future of health and wellness by applying its expertise in bioscience to address current and identify future health and wellbeing challenges.

Irish Digital Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing (IDEAM) Institute

Irish Digital Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing IDEAM is focused on the research and development of data-driven solutions for Industry. With core expertise in Engineering, Electronics, Informatics and Manufacturing, IDEAM is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary institute focussed on the development of excellence in research, collaborative research projects and regional training & skills that can deliver impactful research and innovation. IDEAM brings together a number of existing research groups and centres (ACORN Research Centre, Computing and Informatics Research (CaIR) Group, Centre for Energy Efficiency and Deep Decarbonisation (CEEDDs)) along with specialist research groups in Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical engineering, to address industry and societal challenges relating to increased digitalisation and to design and implement excellent data-driven solutions.

Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre (Enterprise Ireland funded Technology Gateway)

Shannon ABC- Shannon Applied Biotechnology (SABC) is a state of the art Technology Gateway with a vision to be a leading centre for the development and application of science and technology to applied settings, in collaboration with external organisations, and based on our own research. The research at Shannon ABC is divided into four ‘themes’: Bioprospecting, Bioprocessing, Food Innovation and Analytical and Research Services. Shannon ABC operates a twin track approach to operation – (1) Working directly with companies to assist them with their scientific challenges and (2) Development of our own research agenda to ultimately achieve commercialisation. In both cases, securing the necessary funding is key and Shannon ABC has had success with a range of National and European funding agencies in this respect. Shannon ABC staff have expertise in: Microbiology, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Analytical Science, Fungal Biology, Food Development, Cell Culture, Marine Extracts and work with companies from a range of sectors including: Food, Biotechnology, Cosmetics, Bio/pharma, Environmental, Nutraceutical, Healthcare and Marine sectors.

Our Services

Innovation Vouchers

The Innovation Voucher initiative was developed to build links between Ireland's public knowledge providers (i.e. higher education institutes, public research bodies) and small businesses. Innovation Vouchers worth €5,000 are available to assist a company or companies to explore a business opportunity or problem with a registered knowledge provider.

Innovation Partnerships

The Innovation Partnership Programme can help you to take your business to the next level. Enterprise Ireland can help your company to access the latest skills and expertise from research institutes throughout Ireland. The Innovation Partnership Programme can provide up to 80% of the cost of research work to develop new and improved products, processes or services, or generate new knowledge and know-how.

Industry Sponsored Research

Within the EAC we work closely with industry partners in developing innovative and applied solutions, through: Collaborative research, Fully funded research, Contract industrial services, Technology licensing & Consultancy. Our focused research delivers impact to our client companies and contributes to economic development regionally and nationally.

European Projects

We have historically lead and participated on a wide range of innovative EU-funded projects; Horizon Europe, Creative Europe and Erasmus Plus. Horizon Europe, is the new Framework Programme from the European Commission. It will run from 2021-2027, with a total budget of €95.5 billion.

Postgraduate Opportunities

TUS provides a physical, intellectual, social and cultural environment, which is conducive to the successful pursuit of independent academic research.

Commercialisation Fund

The aim of the Commercialisation Fund Programme is to improve the competitiveness of the Irish economy through the creation of technology-based start-up companies and the transfer of innovations developed in Higher Education Institutes and Research Performing Organisations to industry in Ireland.

Meet the Research Team

Liam Brown

VP Research, Development & Innovation

Patrick Murray

Head of Research & Technology Transfer

John Cosgrove

Head of Graduate Studies

Tim Yeomans

Centre Manager Shannon ABC.

Amy Higgins

Research Office

Joanne Prout

Research Office

Our Key Research Partners

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